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Can you make me a Custom Button?


Yes. Contact Amanda at or through the contact form on this website to discuss details. We require a Minimum purchase of $10.00 for personalized buttons on your initial order. If you wish to have your own group represented, we can help design custom buttons for your group, but we require a min guarantee of 12 buttons for each design. We CAN add them to the Buttons page on our website for easy ordering as well.


Photo Buttons can be made as well.


They start at $5.00 Buttons can also be made without the pinback element, and have a standard magnet used instead. This works well if you have fabrics that are sensitive like silk and satin.

How come you Charge for Buttons?


We will be using button profits to run contests, and sponsor in-park and internet events and games. Our goal as a group is to give back to our members. Our Buttons currently cost between $1-$5 each depending on the buttons. We aren't making a lot of money on each button, but we hope that by keeping the prices low more people will be able to afford to ROCK our Awesome Buttons when they visit the Parks, or Even just for everyday events!


Don't forget, we also don't charge for IN-PARK Buttons. To date we have given out about 3000 buttons in the Parks. Not everyone wants to join our Facebook group, but if you receive a FREE button, the front usually has on it, and the back should have a sticker with the same website to remind you to join us there.

When will I receive my Buttons?


We ship out Monday-Friday by 3pm Pacific time. If you order is placed by 12pm during the week it will be mailed out THAT day, otherwise the following day. All orders placed between 12pm Friday and 12pm Monday will be shipped out on Monday. We ship from Poway, CA (San Diego County), and can ship to Anywhere in the World (Please contact us before ordering from outside the USA). Most orders to the West Coast take about 2-3 days, East Coast 5-6 days.


We CAN and will ship them to your Hotel if you want as well. I'd plan 2-3 days in advance for them to arrive - or have them shipped Priority to get a tracking number. Please include your Guest Info and Hotel Name on any orders like this.


If you need your buttons by a specific date, PLEASE DO NOT select Money Order at checkout. Please use Paypal, so there are no delays in shipping your order.

Do you sell Buttons in the Parks?


No. We are not allowed to sell Buttons in the Parks. We DO however offer FREE All 4 the Mouse Original Buttons when we are in the parks. If you see us in the parks, PLEASE don't hesitate to come over and introduce yourself and ask for a FREE Button. If you find Amanda, Thalia, Marilyn, or Michelle in the parks and we don't have any buttons left, Ask for this Month's SECRET CODE. It's a Discount Code that will get your FREE Original A4M Button through the website. Only Admin's & Street Team have the Code and it's only good for 1 button per person per order.   We also have 20 Street Team members who visit the parks Regularly.  If you want to find out who will be there, just ask in our Facebook Group!


Don't forget, Buttons can be mailed to your Hotel if you are from out of town!

Do you accept anything other than Paypal™?

Yes, we do accept money orders or cashier checks. You can add the items to the shopping cart, and Check the option for Money Order during checkout. Your order will NOT be shipped until we receive your money order, which should be Mailed to: Amanda Peik; 12125 Kear Pl Ste C, Poway CA 92064.Please make sure you include your order# and name when mailing a money order or cashiers check, so we know which order to apply it and where to ship it.


Does my Purchase come with Insurance?

All orders shipped via Priority Mail include $50 worth of Insurance. If you wish to add up to $50 worth of insurance to your First Class order, there is that option during checkout to add it for $2.10. This is the actual cost charged by the Post office. If you choose to not purchase insurance, we are not responsible for damage to your package and buttons. We package everything in Bubble wrap and cardboard, however the Post Office has still managed to 'manhandle' a few of our packages anyways. We HIGHLY recommend insurance when ordering 5+ buttons.

Do you sell <Insert Button Design> in other size Buttons?

We currently Sell 1.25", 2.25" and 3" Buttons. Our Regular size buttons are the 2.25" ones, and where we focus our energy for Button designs.  If you see something in the 2.25" that you like that isn't included in the other sizes yet, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask if we can add it to the other sizes.  We CAN and WILL add new designs to ALL the sizes available as we are asked.

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